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Is there any OCR-library/cliapp that lets me do something like this:

# ./ocrapp -input file.pdf -posx 3.6cm -posy 7.8cm -width 10cm -height 1.5cm -output rawdata.txt

I'm trying to automate reading of Customer ID numbers, sums and such from scanned invoices and bills. I'm looking for a library or a cli-app because I want to create my own document management system from it ;) (platform is not important, just not osx only).

A typical norwegian invoice looks like this:

The information I need to extract is in the bottom. (KID, Beløp and Kontonummer)

Any tips?

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I'd suggest you find a command line cropping tool e.g. on ubuntu

You can then write a short script to crop each invoice into small sections which contain the text you want, and run those through any OCR program.

Of course, if you're writing a document management system, this could all be done using common libraries for your chosen programming language (and this question should probably be on stackoverflow)

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I just did an actual facepalm, because I didn't think of doing it that way myself... :/ – Christian Wattengård Apr 9 '13 at 16:52

Try to use ABBYY Cloud OCR SDK. This is the link for detailed guide how to recognize text fields: I work for ABBYY and if you need additional information I'm ready to help you.

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