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I would like to make a diagram like the below in PowerPoint, but I can't figure out how to draw the curved boxes (like the ones that say "Fishing" or "Trapping" in the chart).


                 ss of diagram

Does anyone have a template I can use or a good method?

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I believe this is far beyond the standard charting power of Microsoft Powerpoint (Take a look at posted templates). If you want to complete it in Powerpoint, I would recommend using a combination of

  1. Shapes for the concentric circles and the lines
  2. Wordart to render the text Text Effects -> Transform -> Follow Path.

Once you create one text item to your liking, you can copy and paste the result, rather than having to start a new Wordart from scratch.

If you just want to create the chart, regardless of software, I would suggest attempting to create the chart using a suitable vector drawing program such as Inkscape.

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