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I've been successfully able to mount a share on my Ubuntu Server using this command:

sudo mount -t cifs //IPTOSHARE/DriveLetter$/Folder/"Folder Space" /mnt/Folder/"Folder Space" -o username="",domain=""

However this only mounts the share until reboot.

I have tried to mount in fstab:

//IPTOSHARE/DriveLetter$/Folder/"Folder Space" /mnt/Folder/"Folder Space" cifs credentials=/home/username/.smbcredentials,uid=username,gid=sharegroup 0 0

However unlike the successful temporary mount, fstab does not like the following characters that WORKED on the temporary mount: $ ""

DriveLetter$ -Hidden share "Folder Space" - Folder that has a space in it. I know this is NOT idea but its what I have to work with.

Why can I successfully create a temporary share, but not a permanent share using fstab?

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just place your command over at /etc/rc.local or whatever your distro runs user init scripts and you're done! – Marcel Apr 9 '13 at 16:45
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What @Marcel suggests would work, but isn't best practice.

To use spaces in your fstab file, you need to use the octal ascii notation for a space:


So for your uses, it would look like:

//IP/Drive/Folder/Folder\040Name /mnt/Folder/Folder\040Name cifs creds... 0 0

Try adding that, then running:

sudo mount -a

And post back specific errors mentioned if they exist.

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