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This is driving me insane. There are many posts on this but nothing is working for me. I want to check if a file is not an avi or mpg then I want to exit. Here is a simple example:


if [ $extension != "avi" ] || [ $extension != "mpg" ]; then
        echo "ERROR: File is not an avi or mpg"
        exit 1
echo "I should print out"

This always returns the ERROR message which it shouldn't. I've also tried:

if [[ $extension != "avi" ]] || [[ $extension != "mpg" ]]; then
if ([[ $extension != "avi" ]] || [[ $extension != "mpg" ]]); then
if [ $extension != "avi" -o $extension != "mpg" ]; then

What am I missing?

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You made a mistake in your logic. Both conditions have to be filled not just one so you need the AND (&&) operator instead of the OR (||). Try:

if [ $extension != "avi" ] && [ $extension != "mpg" ]; then

or more elegant:

if [ $extension != "avi" -a $extension != "mpg" ]; then
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Correct, but not optimal. I edited the answer for a single test. – Rich Homolka Apr 9 '13 at 21:12
@RichHomolka I edited the post again to show both solutions. Although your solution is more elegant, I feel that mine answers the question better by showing what was wrong with the initial statement. And the explanation with the && operator makes more sense with my example. – Simon Apr 10 '13 at 5:31

case statements are designed for precisely this sort of situation. With the example given, something like this:


case "$extension" in
  avi | mpg )
    echo "I should print out"
  * )
    echo "ERROR: File is not an avi or mpg"
    exit 1

This has the obvious advantages of being more easy both to expand and to read.

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case is indeed the better solution for this instead of an if. – ott-- Apr 9 '13 at 19:27

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