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I have a Microsoft Access table called calc1 with fields:

  • calc_ID (primary key, number)
  • calc (text)

I have another table called res1 with:

  • res_ID (primary key)
  • calc_ID (number)
  • dimensionbefore (number)
  • dimensionafter (number)
  • result (calculated)

There is a relation, one calc1 to many res1, linking with calc_ID.

Is it possible to make the result field take its formula from the calc field in the calc1 table?

Example: For elongation the field calc is

([dimensionafter] - [dimensionbefore]) / ([dimensionbefore] * 100)

and calc_ID is 1. In the res1 table if the calc_ID is 1 then the result field would take the text from calc and make it its formula and return the result.

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Create a query like this:

SELECT res1.res_ID, res1.calc_ID, res1.dimensionbefore, res1.dimensionafter,
       Eval(Replace(Replace([calc1].[calc],"[dimensionafter]",[dimensionafter]),"[dimensionbefore]",[dimensionbefore])) AS result
FROM res1 INNER JOIN calc1 ON res1.calc_ID = calc1.calc_ID;

The result field will return the right calculation result.

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Thanks for helping Scott. Unfortunately I think I need some more guidance. When I paste this query line in "Expression" in the field property of the "result" field in the "res1" table I get a message like this: The syntax of the subquery in this expression is incorrect. Check the subquery's syntax and enclose the subquery in parentheses. Unfortunately I do not understand what it mean. Is this where I should paste this query line? – Francis Dumas Apr 12 '13 at 2:47
This is an SQL query. You should create a new query, click on "SQL View", delete anything from the query, and then paste the aforementioned SQL statement. Alternatly, you can create a query in the usual way, adding only the calculated field as follows: Result: Eval(Replace(Replace([calc1].[calc],"[dimensionafter]",[dimensionafter]),"[dimen‌​sionbefore]",[dimensionbefore])). – naftalip Apr 14 '13 at 18:54
Thanks so much naftalip, this is fantastic. This is a new way of doing things that will make my database a lot better. – Francis Dumas Apr 17 '13 at 0:59

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