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I use ctrlP to switch projects frequently. Until recently, I stored all of my .sublime-project and .sublime-workspace files in my home directory. In a recent cleanup I decided to move them all into a sub-folder of my home directory.

Now, the switch-project dialog shows the cached references to the old location of the project files alongside their new locations. It's a real pain in the rear because I have to compare the paths to make sure I select the correct entry.

Is there any way, short of nuking my install and starting fresh, to clear this cache?

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Edit the "recent_workspaces" section of session.sublime_session in your settings folder. More details here:


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It's also worth noting that you can't make your edits using Sublime. (Guessing, but it seems like it re-saves from memory on quit, so changes are lost.) –  Adam Tuttle Apr 11 '13 at 12:42

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