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I'm planning to set a wifi captive portal in a small office, where; guests/employees will be directed to a portal page. Employees must enter a user pass

Guests will be generated by a random code and use it to access the Internet. Both profiles are configurable (Example: Bandwidth capping)

Any suggestions how I can proceed on this project? Been reading about 802.1x, radius, AAA

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Take a look at dd-wrt and specifically Chillispot

ChilliSpot (chilli, chillispot) is a way to

  • Easily make the wireless or lan-connected computers display a 'landing page' on user's browsers.
  • Redirection occurs on the first web page, and until the user clicks through (I Agree/Login).
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thanks for the quick response. ill go check it out and give feedback :) – user1933824 Apr 10 '13 at 14:44

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