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Samsung 350v5c-s04
windows 8 (64bit)
CPU: i5 3210m
HDD: 1 TB (5.4kr sata)

As you can see, there was Windows 8 installed.

I created bootable Windows 7 USB and tried to install it. After 2 hour finally I reached point where I can install.

I removed all partitions and tried to install new version. Everything seems to be good, but on "finalizing installation" my pc rebooted and I got again windows 7 installation menu. I changed some BIOS settings (was trying to load HDD with windows), but this happened.

When I turn on the PC, the "Samsung" image loads and then I get black screen and nothing happens. Can't boot from my USB flash drive either. I changed BIOS many times without any results.

After I turn on the PC:

After 2s I get this:

My BIOS settings.

BIOS settings: Sysinfo and advanced

BIOS settings: Boot

enter image description here

I can not start from USB anymore. I dunno why. On other computers the USB pendrive boots properly. I want to install windows 7.

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Wich tool did you use to create a the usb bootable win7? need to disable the Fast Boo option....let me try an asnwer XD – Hackerman Apr 12 '13 at 12:33

Try this:


  • Choose a proper tool to make the usb bootable, like:



Bootable USB



  • You need to disable the Fast Boot option in the BIOS

An Third:

  • You may then find that pressing F10 at the BIOS screen gives you a one-time boot device list


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