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I'm setting up a new Mac, and when I drag icons on my desktop (or in Windows, if I switch them to icon view), the icons don't snap into place unless I hold the command key down.

I can't recall how to make that "snap-to-grid" the default. And I can't find it in the Finder's View Options or Preferences.

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With the desktop active, under the View menu, choose Show View Options (or cmd-J) and select Snap to Grid in the Arrange by drop-down.

Still available under later versions of OS X, but now in the Sort by drop-down (still under Show View Options):

"Snap to Grid" under OS X 10.8, Mountain Lion

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The picture saved me. The Swedish translation of this preference was so non-descriptive that I was staring at it without realizing what it was. – Sirap Mar 19 at 0:24

Apple (command) + J, under View Options there is a drop down at the bottom "Arrange By:" select "Snap to Grid."

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Right click on the desktop, and click Sort by there should be a 'snap to grid' option

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You can over ride it using the command key if you cant find the option.

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