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We have a CRM software which allows to store URLs as shortcuts to later access an object (customer, order, query, ...) again with one click.

I'm working with GNU Emacs 24.2.1.

From within MS Office 2007, those hyperlinks work directly: after clicking on it, I get a security warning and then choosing "Yes", the CRM application opens and the linked item is opened.

From within Firefox this works in a similar way: a dialog pops up which lets me choose the application to open the link with.

In Emacs org-mode however, this does not work: when clicking on the link I get the message
"No match. Create this as a new heading? y n"

How can I configure Emacs to open this link with the right application?

The link looks like:

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You will need to create a custom link type (See the manual)

It will be something similar to (you may need to adjust it slightly, depending on how the application accepts links):

(org-add-link-type "ifscrm" 'org-ifscrm-open)

(defcustom org-ifscrm-command "/path/to/application")

(defun org-ifscrm-open (path)
  (call-process org-ifscrm-command path))

Replacing /path/to/application as appropriate.

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