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This is the excel sheet i am using

enter image description here

When i run this macro

   Sub Value_fla()

    Dim k As Long
    With ActiveSheet
    k = .Cells(.Rows.Count, "D").End(xlUp).Row
    End With

    Range("D2:D" & k).Formula = Range("D2").Formula
    Range("F2:F" & k).Formula = Range("F2").Formula
    Range("G2:G" & k).Formula = Range("G2").Formula

    Range("D3:D" & k) = Range("D3:D" & k).Value
    Range("F3:F" & k) = Range("F3:F" & k).Value
    Range("G3:G" & k) = Range("G3:G" & k).Value

  End Sub

i got this popup window enter image description here

and if i press cancel macro works fine. How can i get rid off this window?? any tips??

Excel version 2010

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It seems that some data in your sheet a linked to 'Data.xls' file. Possibly, Excel can't find the file when trying to refresh data. Question, what you need to do? Is is allowed to break all links to external files?? Or maybe you could better find that missing file and set the location of it. We advise you accordingly... – Kaz Jaw Apr 11 '13 at 14:01

It seems that the formula you are working with inside the sheet has a reference to another file, so when run your macro, it is looking for you to update that file reference.

I suggest you go to the speadsheet page if you want to have proper answers to your question. I also suggest clarifying what you are asking for.

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