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I want to install a duplicate version of Apache server that shares almost all the configuration with an existing running version. Either one of the server will be running all the time and since I do not want to duplicate the configuration files, I referenced by httpd.conf file to include the httpd.conf of the original Apache server.

But I want to customize Virtual host setting in the ssl conf, more precisely the mod-rewrite rules, So I created httpd.ssl.conf file with all the changes. But since the original httpd.conf includes the original httpd.ssl.conf file, I am getting "Only one usage of socket address is permitted error ".

 MyHttpd.conf --> Includes Original Httpd.conf
                            --> Includes original httpdssl.conf

              --> Includes customizedHttpssl.conf

Is there a way to exclude the original httpssl.conf and make the system recognize my ssl.conf? or may be extend the virtual host setting.

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Move everything but the include of the original SSL config out of httpd.conf into a new file called httpdcommon.conf.

Now setup

 httpd.conf --> Includes httpdcommon.conf
            --> Includes original httpdssl.conf


 MyHttpd.conf --> Includes httpdcommon.conf
              --> Includes customizedHttpssl.conf
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