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I'm trying to share internet via ad-hoc connecting two Windows 7 computers. The ad-hoc network only works with static IPs, but when I try to share the internet, Windows pops a message saying that the other computers needs to be configured to retrieve the IP automatically in order to work. So, this is some kind of catch-22 I only works with static, internet sharing only works with DHCP. I've Googled and couldn't find a solution. The funny thing is, sometimes the internet sharing works, it seems to be a random phenomena, if I connect the PCs (using static), then enable the connection sharing, one in 5 (approx.) tries the thing works, if I set the 'client' PC to automatic IP and reconnect the ad-hoc network. I found that most people just give up on ad-hoc and simply buy a proper router, I don't have this alternative, so please, help me make it work :D. Thanks in advance.

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In fact, you have to use the DNS on the machine that's connecting to the one that's sharing the connection.

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