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I try to describe situation as well as I can.

I have a dedicated server on

  • I've installed there Windows Server 2012
  • set up Hyper-V role
  • created new virtual machine with default external virtual switch that share my NIC (I have only 1 NIC)
  • configure IP address on VM (without manual configure network was undefined)

Now I have:

  • Host Server with one static IP without any domen
  • I can connect Server by RDC.
  • VM on Host that I can use only from Host (i describe it later)
  • I even turn off firewall (for test phase i want to ping my server)

Screenshots (i can't upload images) :

  • virtual switch configuration
  • Server ipconfig /all
  • VM network config
  • client ipconfig /all


  • VM can't get internet Access (it can't get auto configs from DHCP and I can't connect to DNS Server even though I try all possible IP that I saw and use DNS suffix)
  • I can't connect to Hyper-V Server by Hyper-V Manager (but it's not what i want in first place)

I want

I want to create a local network (edit: i mean virtual) where I could see VM's on my Server from my remote computer and could connect to Vm's by RDC.

Is it possible?
If it possible can you give me instructions?
Should I use outsource administrator?

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I've found the solution. My provider has binding to MAC addresses. The reality that I didn't need to manually configure NIC's settings. But I had to get virtual MAC address to my external IP and set it in settings of NIC (I did it in my virtualizaion program not inside virtual machine).

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