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I have tried several things but got no luck. I have an input file that has a lot of fields like this one


mixed with other fields. I want to multiply all such weights by a factor, say 100, so I want to see


in the output file. What's a good way to do that using sed or awk?

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"mixed with other fields" is too vague to be able to script something useful in awk (precisely!). Anyway, the general approach is: a) split the input in fields, trim the 'weight=' part; b) feed bc with that; c) printf what you need – dawud Apr 12 '13 at 19:01
not even bc, GNU awk supports arithmetic operations – dawud Apr 12 '13 at 19:02

For a simple file containing

$ cat input

$ awk '/weight/{gsub(/weight=/, "")};{ value=$0*100; printf "weight=%s\n", value}' input

does the trick. More complicated input files need more complicated rules (possibly).

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awk -F= '$1 ~ /weight/{print "weight="$2*100}' file
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