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I did the registry mods mentioned here but cannot seem to connect. I say seem to, because there's no error message.

smbclient \\\\WIN7MACHINE\\ -U myusername
smbclient \\\\WIN7MACHINE\\ -U%
smbclient \\\\WIN7MACHINE\\

All of these, with or without quotes around the share name, (and optionally asking for a password, whether I enter the correct one or not) just return me back to the bash prompt without a further message, e.g.:

/> smbclient \\\\WIN7MACHINE\\ -U myusername
Enter myusername's password:

What gives? I can connect fine from XBMC. Also, smbclient -L \\win7.ip.address.here lists all shares just fine.

If I get more specific than \\\\WIN7MACHINE\\ I get this error:

session setup failed: SUCCESS - 0

...correct password or not, and dumped back to the bash prompt.

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Did you try with smbclient //WIN7MACHINE/<shared> -U user ? –  user300830 Feb 17 '14 at 14:30
@dcrespe, I hadn't--the docs showed backslashes. –  Kev Feb 19 '14 at 15:26

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