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I have two displays of differing size (1920x1200 + 2560x1440) connected to two machines via a KVM each, but for the purposes of this question they can be treated as duplicate hardware (four displays). The mac is "above" the win7, like so:

section: links
        down = win7
        up = mac

If I have the mac's displays arranged with a continuous bottom edge everything works as expected. Hitting the bottom edge of either display on the mac switches to the win7.

Working Arrangement

However if I re-arrange the displays on the mac to instead have a continuous top edge I can only switch to the win7 on the bottom edge of the lower-most display.

Problem Arrangement

How do I eliminate the "barrier"?

P.S. Not really happy with the title of this question, but couldn't think of anything plainer that actually described the issue.

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