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I was just reading lifehacker: How to Navigate Text Like a Keyboard Ninja and it states..

Ctrl+Shift+Left/Right arrow: Select text by whole words. (Alt+Shift+Left/Right arrow on Mac)

And I just noticed today on my windows 7 PC, that this particular combination of inputs isn't working although the keys do work individually.

  1. Ctrl+Left or Right cursor moves across text, by whole words.
  2. Shift+Left or Right single character selection
  3. (Ctrl+Shift) + Left or Right nothing

Is there something I can change in the regedit.exe? in order to enable (Ctrl+Shift) + Left|Right for full text selection?

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If you have clownfish for skype installed it gets disabled as well!

So uninstall it or check if clownfish has any options for it.

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I actually just found the solution here, uninstalled fortePivot and now have access to the (ctrl+shift) + Left|Right action.

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