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I mount usb device like this:

sudo mount /dev/sdb1 /media/usb

and then copy a big file which about 1Gb to the device:

sudo cp ~/big_file /media/usb

Ordinary, if I copy a big file to usb, the command should run a few minutes. But it finish quickly.

And then I check the file in usb:

md5sum /media/usb/bigfile

It is same as origin file. Then I umount the usb and it run a long time:

sudo umount /media/usb

When I remount the usb device and check the file with md5sum again, the file in usb is different from origin file.

I am sure the device is ok because I can copy the file success in Windows, so what is the problem of my system?

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1. You can monitor read and writes to the device to see when the actual transfer finishes. 2. try to flush the buffers before unmounting. use command sync couple of times. – mnmnc Apr 13 '13 at 18:47
@mnmnc I run iostat and found that it was still writing data to usb device, although cp was finish. Why cp was finish before the data was copied to usb device completely? – solomon_wzs Apr 13 '13 at 18:56
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When you copy a big file the system can spend a huge time to execute it, so it's running in background.

Be sure the file copy is complete using # lsof /media/usb/bigfile

You can request a sync of file copy with # sync

And you can umount your device the lazy way: # umount -l /media/usb

From umount(8):

-l Lazy unmount. Detach the filesystem from the filesystem hierarchy now, and cleanup all references to the filesystem as soon as it is not busy anymore. (Requires kernel 2.4.11 or later.)

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