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I reformatted my computer and cannot play any games getting an error saying they cannot recognize my video card, I went to amd radeon got the driver update I need and it says Installation complete (warnings occurred during installation.) View log for details.

When I view the log it says this:

AMD Catalyst Install ManagerFinal Status: Success 
Version of Item: 8.0.903.0 
Size: 20 Mbytes 

AMD Display DriverFinal Status: Fail 
Version of Item: 
Size: 90 Mbytes 

HDMI Audio DriverFinal Status: Fail 
Version of Item: 
Size: 1 Mbytes 

(Fail is highlighted) When I click on fail it brings me to the bottom of the log saying

Error messages 
Driver Install: user must be a member of the Administrators group

I am part of administrators group (command prompt-typed net user in it and Local group memberships *Administrators)

I am on Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit AMD Radeon HD 7770 GTX overclocked or something graphics card but driver shown on dxdiag in display is

Name: Standard VGA Graphics Adapter 


Not sure how important some of this is but just saying it so everyone knows.

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Go into the driver folder, and right click on the setup.exe and do "Run as administrator". In windows 7 even though you are part of the admin group the default "command prompt" is non-adminstrative.

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it wont work still says the same error message – Marex Apr 14 '13 at 0:58
  1. Not sure if this is a tower with separate video card. If so, try to re-seat the card in it's slot (and clean it whilst your'e at it).
  2. Remove the driver in Device Manager and re-install (with Admin rights, so right click and run as...)
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