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I brought a generic bluetooth dongle for my pc and a Rapoo H6060 Bluetooth headset. After pairing I connected the headset to PC and that's fine.

The issue is when I'm listen to music on the bluetooth headset, the sound is choppy when I'm download or even browsing. I stopped the download and everything ran pretty smooth.

is that a issue with my dongle? (it's a cheap generic one which doesn't provide any drivers) or it might be the pc it self?

i got a core i7 930, 6gb of ram (ram get 40 utilization most time) samsung 840 ssd and a 1.5TB hdd from seagate.

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I realize it may be issue with wifi 2.4 and bluetooth interference, but it's not an issue with iphone, so is this a bluetooth dongle issue? – Charlie Wu Apr 14 '13 at 0:54

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