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For uploading songs with images, I've chosen Windows Movie Maker. Its free and simple (too much simple I'd say). Now with all the simplicity I feel unable to find out, how to make animation (transition) longer than default.
In an image slideshow, I use transition to alter them, and I want the last one to slowly fade to black. Of course, upon the "animation tab" there is a field named "duration". But changing this field renders no effect, unles I input value greater than 10 - then I'm prompted with error popup: Popup: "You must enter value between 0.4 and 10" This is a proof that values I enter are somehow porcessed.
However: enter image description here Here you can see my setup. The last animation takes the same as others. Why is that? Entering less than 10 but more than 2 does nothing.
Unless someone helps me, I will have to create 10 versions of last image with different brightness.


I found out that the animation length must not be longer than the frame length. But, on the other side, animation length is added to frame length. So, if I want 10 seconds animation, I must add 10 sec frame - And I end up with 20 seconds. 10 for fade and 10 for black screen.

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