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Does anyone know if its possible to have a different set of keybinds for different layouts.

For instance, in Tall mode, i would like h and l to switch between the master and stack, with k and l moving up and down the stack.

Then in Mirror Tall mode, i would like the operations switched, k,l switching between master and stack with h and l moving left and right through the stack.

Obivously im trying to emulate vim-like movement.

Thank you!

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I don't think so, you could hack at XMonad core to try and get something happening but I don't think you can do that by default. I could be wrong though which is why this is not an answer. – Robert Massaioli Apr 15 '13 at 7:16

You could probably use (or maybe something better) to detect the layout and bind key to function which will decide based on layout in a way like this:

  ( ( modMask, xK_k ), act )
  -- ...
  act = do
    layout <- detectLayout -- not sure how to do this now
    if layout == "Tall" then act1 else act2

(Seems that I come way too late, maybe someone will use this eventually.)

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