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When I log into Gmail for the first time in Chrome on my Windows 8 computer, Chrome asks if I want to use Gmail for mailto links. When I click yes, Windows pops up a dialog to "Choose a program to use for mailto links," with the only option being "Look in the Windows Store."

When I go to the "Default Programs" => "Set Associations" window, there is no entry for mailto.

How can I set Gmail as the handler for mailto links in Windows 8?

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The easiest way to do this is in two steps.

  1. Set Google Chrome as the handler for mailto links. To do this, go to "Default Programs" and click "Set your default programs". Then click "Google Chrome" and click "Choose defaults for this program." Check the box next to "MAILTO" and click "Save."

  2. In Chrome, click the menu button and choose "Settings." Click "Show advanced settings" and then click "Content Settings." Scroll down and click "Manage handlers." Select "Gmail" in the dropdown box, then close the settings windows.

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