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So here's the situation; I currently have qemu installed on an OpenBSD 5.3 snapshot. This is a console setup so I have to either run with -curses or -nographic. The problem here is that I'm having difficulties getting to the qemu monitor when running in -curses mode. The Ctrl + Alt keys don't seem to work at all. This means I have to get dirty and kill the qemu process from another console/ssh session, as the current console essentially becomes locked. Unfortunately -nographic mode isn't an option as the OS is not set up to use serial for I/O.

All I can think of right now is maybe looking into a way of converting a spare console into a dedicated qemu monitor, but I haven't made much progress on that angle. Google has not been very helpful thus far, but maybe I just didn't think up a cute enough search to dig through the noise.

The main question here is: How do I get the qemu keys working in -curses?

If that's not possible: How do I set up a dedicated qemu monitor on a spare console?

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