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I'm evaluating different virtualization management tools for KVM virtualization. I've a kvm ready server with 32GB ram. I'm looking for web based management tools where different people can manage/create/clone and so forth their virtual machines.

I've already tested Archipel and WebVirtMgr. In my opinion Archipel is still too buggy and WebVirtMgr is too simple.

oVirt is my next choice but I'm a little bit concerned because I want to run the manager and kvm on the same server. The requirements for oVirt are pretty high: min. 4 GB of ram, better 16 GB.

My server has only 32 GB ram so I'm concerned that the manager takes too much of the avaiable RAM.

Has somebody experience with oVirt and can assume that it takes so much ram or does somebody have another web based management tool recommendation?

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I would say for a single host, oVirt might be on the heavy side, but the oVirt all in one distribution makes it really easy to get started with that. The RAM requirements include running VMs - the oVirt manager itself is a JBoss application, which is rather memory thirsty, but 32GB of RAM will be plenty for running a few VMs on a single host with oVirt.


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Thanks for your information. What do you exactly mean by "the ram requirements include running vms"? Do you have some details about how much ram oVirt takes at its own? – nexus Apr 26 '13 at 14:08

for a single host use case, 2-4GB of RAM should be fine. there is also an all-in-one deployment mode for this use case

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Welcome to SuperUser! I am not saying your answer is invalid, but do you have "proof" you can write here regarding your statement? it could be of interest. – Lorenzo Von Matterhorn Apr 19 '13 at 23:28
Thanks for your answer. I've seen that there is a all-in-one deployment mode as well. Still I'm concerned about the 2-4GB ram consumption regarding to the 32GB memory of the server. You said that 2-4GB of ram should be fine. Have you measured it with top or something similar? – nexus Apr 20 '13 at 10:39

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