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I've configured a putty session from Lubuntu to a VPS on the Internet via a proxy server. The connection to the VPS is correctly established, but the tunnel isn't.

This is the tunnel configuration:


Before running putty:

$ netstat -na | grep 446
$ (No answer)

Whe I run putty, I get this log:

Event Log: Local port 1446 forwarding to failed. The address is already in use


$ netstat -na | grep 446
$ (No answer)

So, I don't know where else to check. I would appreciate any help.

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The error refers to local port (1446), not to the remote address/port.

Try to select another local port in PuTTY tunnel configuation.

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Thank you for your answer. I know the error refers to the local port; the "netstat -na | grep 446" was executed in the local machine. I tried other ports (my first try was 446, then 10446, but they all fail). I'm launching putty as gksudo putty in case it was a question with permissions, but... that fails too. – David Apr 15 '13 at 12:25

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