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I got a Sony PRS-505 reader a few weeks ago, and the Sony eBook Library 3.0 software worked fine on my Mac, until today. Now, when I launch it, the menu bar is displayed, but there is no application window and the menu items have no effect.

I've reinstalled the software, but that didn't help. I've deleted ~/Library/Preferences/Sony Corporation, but that didn't help.

I suppose I could start using Calibre exclusively, except it would make it difficult to buy books from Sony's ebookstore.

Any ideas?

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This the best solution to reset a messed up GUI of Sony Reader Library software:

Rename or delete the 'kinoma' folder.

This hidden 'kinoma' folder is located here (Windows 7) C:\Users\username\AppData\Local\kinoma or C:\Documents and Settings\username\Local Settings\Application Data\kinoma (Windows XP)

You will not need to re-install anything, and all e-books are still available.

Thanks, Erwin

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By the way, on Mac OSX you can fix a messed up GUI for Sony Reader Library by deleting this file:


Again, no need to re-install or to lose e-books.

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Got an answer here:

Delete these directories:

  • /Applications/eBookLibrary
  • /Library/eBookLibrary
  • /Users/(yourname)/Library/Preferences/Sony Corporation
  • /Users/(yourname)/Library/Preferences/fsk
  • /Users/(yourname)/Library/Preferences/Marlin

Then reinstall the software.

Note that deleting those directories will delete all your books, so make backups of anything you want to keep. Anything you've purchased from the Sony e-bookstore can be re-downloaded.

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