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I am running a mikrotik router and just encountered a strange issue.

Here is the screen enter image description here

You can see here in the torch screen the first line is the login (probably radius server) of my ISP

I can see RX rate of 4.4 mbps on my port on which the ethernet cable of my ISP is attached. My IP provided by ISP is

The bandwidth assigned to me is 2 mbps still I can see traffic on Rx side of 4.4 mbps and it clogs my internet and everything stops working.

Please explain me what is really going on here and is there any way to protect my mikrotik router from this flood of traffic ?

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Enable Port and Protocol in torch, to get more detail information. ether5 is your wan interface? Try torch on lan interface to determine source of traffic lan or router. Use system packet-sniffer to get sample of traffic and look it in Wireshark. –  mmv-ru May 14 at 10:10
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You might want to check your RouterOS Version and possibly upgrade the firmware. It could also be that the routerboard is dying and creating unnecessary traffic on the port.

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I am using the latest version of mikrotik and have just purchased the board. Further, I have also tried it out on different boards. –  Murtuza Kabul Apr 15 '13 at 13:49
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