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I want to set up a keyboard shortcut in Shortcuts that opens a Terminal window already cd'd to the desktop. I've tried

Terminal ~/Desktop
Terminal cd ~/Desktop

But these don't work. Terminal --help doesn't seem to yield an appropriate command-line option. What do I need to do here?

Also, while a general solution to this would definitely be preferred, I would settle for being able to set the default directory for all Terminals.

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This is still not quite ideal with regards to the original question, but better than a solution affecting all Terminals: from this thread I discovered that from the desktop (i.e. if I first switch to an empty workspace, or otherwise give the desktop the focus somehow) I can Win+Alt+T to open a Terminal with cwd at the Desktop.

This tidbit of knowledge has the additional advantage that, if I were doing this to then cd more easily into a folder on the desktop (to run a newly downloaded app, for example), I can instead just open the folder and then hit Win+Alt+T.

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