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I use Windows XP, and my monitor resolution is 1024x768 pixels, but in Chrome, the sites look too big.

I tried lowering the zoom of the browser with Ctrl-, but doesn't work well because the sites don't look as they should be. I thought that the problem was with Chrome, so I upgraded it to the latest version but even now it still shows sites zoomed in too far. Any ideas?

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So IE is fine, but Chrome has the font too big? Just web pages or buttons and everythng too? – AthomSfere Apr 15 '13 at 17:04
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Click the menu lines on the top right and set zoom to 100%. Also you could go to menu -> settings -> advanced settings -> change the font and font size.

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The shortcut to the original, 100% zoom is Ctrl0, where 0 is the number zero (use numlock on the keypad).

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