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We have a laptop that is primarily used offline, but when it is connected to our network (via ethernet cable), we would like to start a backup application. Is it possible?

The network address is static.

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I don't know and haven't checked, but I think that's definitely possible. Your best bet is probably to look at the task planner. Control panel -> administration tools (approximate translation from French) -> task planner. – Ariane Apr 16 '13 at 1:26
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You can create a scheduled task to run a program. In the options there is an option to only start the task if a specific network connection is available.

In the taskoptions, select a trigger and set it to this event data (Event 10000):

enter image description here

enter image description here

In the action tab, select the program you want to run.

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Unplug, then re-plug your network cable. Open the Event Viewer, and see if and what event is generated. From there you can attach a task to that event, and the next time it happens your task should fire off.

This is assuming Windows Vista or higher.

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Operating under the assumption that when it connects to the network, it also has internet access (though it may work with any network connection, not sure):

Take a look at wait4net.bat.

It is a pretty simple batch file that is executed with:

wait4net.bat start "explorer.exe"

(where explorer.exe can be whatever you want to be run when a connection is established).

So you could set that up as a startup script that points to your backup software (or batch file/whatever).

Just tested on Win8x64 and it is still relevant.

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