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What is the "Ideal Processor" value and why/how does it pick a certain processor to run on?

I've recently seen an obvious increase in CPU usage on the furthest last core, core #7 (i7 930 Hyperthreaded). I don't understand how/why this is happening, but it seems to correlate with a value set in each program's properties called "Ideal Processor" (seen within Process Explorer), which is being set to #7 on programs.

I'm confused, as I've never really seen this core do much processing or work in the past, but now within the past week or so, it's suddenly become the big man on campus.

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They are referred here… but it doesn't really explain the how and why yours set to #7 – Martheen Cahya Paulo Apr 16 '13 at 7:05

I think it's something for large groups of CPUs.

On a system with more than 64 processors, this function sets the preferred processor to a logical processor in the processor group to which the calling thread is assigned. Use the SetThreadIdealProcessorEx function to specify a processor group and preferred processor.

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