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When I boot into Windows (7), my bootable USB (that I created with UNetBootin) is not showing the correct size. I think the space taken up by the bootable portion is not showing up. I want to wipe the entire USB including the bootable bits. How do I do that?

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I would do this from outside the running operating system, ie boot up a computer and mount the stick there.

Then you can partition the whole drive. You might want to use if you want a unix command line tool, if you want a unix GUI or something like Partition Magic if you are running Windows to wipe the entire USB including the boot partition.

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Use the Disk Management console. One way to get to it is Right-click on Computer and select Manage, then choose the Disk Managment task in the left panel. In the middle-bottom, you should see each of your disks. Find the USB drive and delete the partitions then recreate a single partition of the size and type you want.

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