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We have been dealing with java issues after the recent on-going java vulnerabilities released by Oracle. Because of these vulnerabilities we have to patch Java. We do this through SCCM ( along with the windows updates) and have found out that the java upgrade breaks Java. From what I can tell it looks like a misconfigured automated installer (possibly SCCM) for Java 7. The contents of the Java folder are deleted (not uninstalled) and replaced with a couple of files. One of those files is Inside the file looks to be all the files that would normally go into the Java folder. We are seeing this issue more on Windows XP machines, although there are some reports that Windows7 machines are also affected.

Any assistance or pointers will be greatly appreciated.

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what does your package and install command look like for system center? – BroScience Apr 16 '13 at 13:16
Its a MSI package with the following programs: Per-system attended - msiexec.exe ALLUSERS=2 /m MSIROLSX /i "jre1.7.0_11.msi" Per-system unattended - msiexec.exe /q ALLUSERS=2 /m MSIROLSX /i "jre1.7.0_11.msi" Per-system uninstall - msiexec.exe /q /m MSIROLSX /x "jre1.7.0_11.msi" Per-user attended - msiexec.exe ALLUSERS="" /m MSIROLSX /i "jre1.7.0_11.msi" Per-user unattended - msiexec.exe /q ALLUSERS="" /m MSIROLSX /i "jre1.7.0_11.msi" Per-user uninstall - msiexec.exe /q ALLUSERS="" /m MSIROLSX /x "jre1.7.0_11.msi" – Amit Puthran Apr 16 '13 at 14:10

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