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On Windows, I'm pretty quick with the cursor hotkeys. Like:

  • Ctrl + Arrow
  • Ctrl + Shift + Arrow
  • Ctrl + Home / End
  • Ctrl + Shift + Home / End

to move around the input area without using a mouse.

Does something like this exist for Mac OSX? If not, anyone know of an app that can add that functionality in?

I think this is one of my biggest issues with the differences between the two platforms.

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⌘← / ⌘→: move to beginning or end of line
⌘↑ / ⌘↓: move to beginning or end of view
⌥← / ⌥→: move word left or right
⌥↑ / ⌥↓, ⌃A / ⌃E: move to beginning or end of paragraph
↖ / ↘: scroll to beginning or end of view
⌥⇞ / ⌥⇟: page up or down and move the caret
⌘⌫: delete to beginning of line
⌃K: delete to end of paragraph
⌥⌫ / ⌥⌦: delete word backward or forward
⌥↩ / ⌥⇥: insert newline or tab ignoring field editor

Adding shift to the navigation shortcuts modifies selections. Symbols used for keys:

⌘: command, ⇧: shift, ⌥: option, ⌃: control
↖: home, ↘: end, ⇞: page up, ⇟: page down
⌫: delete (backspace on other platforms), ⌦: forward delete (delete on other platforms)
↩: return (enter on other platforms), ⇥: tab

Most of the default text editing shortcuts are defined in StandardKeyBinding.dict. You could replace them with Windows-style shortcuts by creating a DefaultKeyBinding.dict or by using KeyRemap4MacBook, but it's probably easier to just learn the default shortcuts.

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+ / + Beginning/End of line

+ / + Beginning/End of Word

⌥+⌘ + / ⌥+⌘ + Previous/Next tab in most Apps

+ ` To switch windows in a same app

+ Opens the quick switch between apps (like alt+ on windows), when it is opened, you can move with the arrow keys to select an app, you can use the H key to hide the app, the M key to minimise, the Q to quit the app.

If you have a Mac keyboard F3 will show Exposé, + F3 will show the desktop.

+ Space to start a Spotlight search (very important and useful to launch apps, do some simple maths etc.)

+ ? to launch the Help menu in every app.

Something you might miss from Windows (Cut and paste) :

Copy : + C

Paste : + V

Paste (cut) : + + V

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Pretty helpful! I'll try it out and see how it goes. A bummer (but understandable) the Windows ones aren't the same. – Pat Apr 16 '13 at 15:48

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