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First of all, I am using zsh and oh-my-zsh with nearly no other customization.

In zsh, when I press up-arrow, it brings me the latest commands. And if I typed some characters before I press up-arrow, it will bring me the latest command starting with those characters. It is quite an useful feature since I issue a lot of git/vim/scp commands alternatively.

But now I am switching to a keyboard without arrow keys, and I tend to use ctrl+p instead of up-arrow for history completion. However, no matter how many characters I typed before press ctrl+p, it will always bring me the latest command (not the latest starting with those characters)

How should I configure the zsh (or oh-my-zsh) to fix this?

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bindkey "^P" up-line-or-search
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Thanks a lot! I'll file an issue to oh-my-zsh to add this into its default lib/keybinding.zsh. – Gordon Gao Apr 17 '13 at 17:25
You may want to add bindkey "^N" down-line-or-search as well for consistency. – Emmanuel Joubaud Dec 8 '15 at 12:45
bindkey -e

This uses emacs keybindings and seems to work for me.

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