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I would like to be able to connect to an unattended remote computer via Chrome Remote Desktop but once I click 'Share' in the Chrome plugin and the access code is displayed it times out in several minutes.

Is there a way to force the plugin to listen for incoming connections unconditionally without ever timing out?

The way it currently works only makes sense when two people are sitting at both ends and is a pain to use when you need to connect to an unattended computer, because in this case you need to use some other graphical connection protocol which defeats the entire idea of remote control.

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What you are experiencing is a normal timeout, because of security concerns.

I had to research that a few hours ago for the same reasons. :-)

If you want to avoid the timeouts, then you must sign in on Chrome on both client and remote computers with the same google identifier (i.e. your email).

1 Configure your "remote" computer to accept remote connections

This obviously means you need to physically access that computer.

In the Chrome Remote Desktop page, the section that interests you is the "My Computers" sections.

There, you click on Enable Remote Connection, which will prompt you to create a password. You'll need that password later.

This will install a few things on your computer (I believe it at least changed the registry on my Windows).

2 Configure your "client" computer

In the same Chrome Remote Desktop page, in the section "My Computers", you'll see the computer you just added.

Click on it, enter the code (possibly checking the checkbox to avoid entering the password again at the next connection)

Et voilà...


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NB if accessing a Linux machine this option is unavilable. There has been a "host package for Linux" apparently in dev since 2013. You'll need to SSH into the machine, acquire the 10-minute expiry code (if from Chrome OS, using Secure Shell) and use that. – Louis Maddox Sep 29 '14 at 9:46

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