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In Oracle Solaris 11.1, pmconfig had completely vanished, and poweradm is available instead. While pmconfig was still available, I used to...

  • Auto suspend : Let my server suspend from 2 AM through 7 AM using autoshutdown option.
  • HDD stop : Let my HDDs stop if idle time lasts over 600 seconds using device-thresholds /dev/dsk/cxtydzsw 600s option.
  • CPU save : Let my CPU work in low-frequency if possible using cpupm enable poll-mode and cpu-threshold 1s option.

I've read man poweradm, it seems that time-to-full-capacity and time-to-minimum-responsiveness is what you set for CPU saving, but I couldn't find any options for poweradm to set power-saving behaviors to Auto suspending and HDD stopping.

Are there any good ideas using poweradm to set and let my server work with all power-saving methods?

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Autosuspend - is no longer supported. You can get the same effect by using cron(1M) to run the sys-suspend(1) at 2:00am

CPU save - cpupm enable poll-mode is no longer supported, however CPU power management can be enabled by setting time-to-full-capacity to a value larger enough to ensure that C-states are being used. You can check this by running powertop and looking at the C-state residency.

If you have a support contract please file a bug concerning the lack of support for power managing disks, or any ohter features that you require.

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