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Is there a way, using Chrome, to change tabs using just one key? I wish I could use F2 and F3 for past and next tab.

Today I can use Ctrl(CMD)+Tab or Ctrl(CMD)+Shift+Tab which is a pain!

I walked through a lot of extensions and configurations but none seems to implement this feature.

Any help?

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I don't know about extensions, but perhaps AutoHotkey can help. – Karan Apr 16 '13 at 22:47

You could try using Chrome Toolbox which has the option to switch tabs using mouse scroll: pic

Thats definitely quicker than a key press.

P.S I would have written this as a comment but unfortunately i don't have such privileges yet. A couple of vote ups sure would be handy.

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Actually that's a good answer, it's clear and helpful. – gronostaj Apr 17 '13 at 15:53

use Ctrl(CMD)+Page Up or Ctrl(CMD)+Page Down. it allows you to use your right hand (with thumb rest on Ctrl, while middle finger chooses the Page keys), and is at least a second option depending on where you are typing before and after the execution. it also translates to the same type of function in spreadsheet programs like excel and google spreadsheet (for GSS: rest your thumb on Ctrl+Shift.)

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