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This is kind of a weird problem, that usually Googling has been unable to solve. Setup is such:

Pogoplug (archlinux with samba share) at location A -> windows 7 machine at location B (successful connection)

Pogoplug at location A -> same windows 7 machine at location C (unsuccessful connection)

Basically I want to access this device, map the drive on a windows 7 machine when at location C, however, when i'm at location C the network path cannot be found (error 53 when trying to map the drive). Since i'm able to map the drive successfully at location B i do not think this is a samba/windows incompatibility problem (solved by adjusting some local security policies), nor is it a local firewall problem, but rather a network issue. I have a linksys wrt120n at location C, and have tried disabling the SPI firewall (thinking it may be blocking the connection for some reason) with no success. When browsing through the other options I'm not sure what will solve the problem.

Any help is appreciated.


I've tried temporarily opening ports 135, 137-139, and 445 (i know opening all of these is not a good idea) with still no success.


I just tried taking the router out of the loop, directly connecting to the cable modem, and attempting to map the drive via the ip-address with still no success. It's very odd, since i'm able to connect/map the drive at location B so easily, yet have so much difficulty at location C. Also, i am able to ping the device from location C without any problems.


Looks like my ISP my be the problem (

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Are you mapping via name or IP? – ernie Apr 16 '13 at 17:55
@ernie i've tried both with no success – therobot Apr 16 '13 at 19:35

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