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I know that LIT files can be converted to HTML files on a Mac, but is there an actual lit file viewer for Mac analogous to MS ebook reader?

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I have been using Stanza to read .lit files. Check it out.

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Thanks; can you please add the link in your answer? – Sridhar Ratnakumar Oct 23 '09 at 9:31
I just checked it. The rendering is very bad. :-( – Sridhar Ratnakumar Oct 23 '09 at 10:12
No I can't add a link to my answer: last time I did, all but 1 point were deducted from my account. Oh my hard-earned points :-( – Hai Vu Oct 24 '09 at 4:22

calibre is a one stop solution to all your e-book needs. It is free, open source and cross-platform in design and works well on Linux, OS X and Windows.

supported formats: CBZ, CBR, CBC, EPUB, FB2, HTML, LIT, LRF, MOBI, ODT, PDF, PRC**, PDB, PML, RB, RTF, TCR, TXT Output Formats: EPUB, FB2, OEB, LIT, LRF, MOBI, PDB, PML, RB, PDF, TCR, TXT

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Thank you for the suggestion. I tried calibre on OSX and it is really slow and sluggish. Plus, it does not render broken HTML well enough. For example, in a LIT the entire book content was underlined (unclosed <u> tag? IE would have rendered it well) – Sridhar Ratnakumar Oct 31 '09 at 7:10
LIT is always tricky unless you're using MS REader, i avoid this format like the plague ... other than that i can only think of a VBox with XP + MS REader for your Mac – Molly7244 Oct 31 '09 at 12:01

From here

convertlit will be able to open .lit files (which are Microsoft-format- eBook files),


Downloaded ABC Amber Lit Converter (Windows) and converted to PDF on my Windows computer, then transferred them over to Mac

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