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I have a folder without a name and it contains data. I am unable to access it through explorer since it is hidden (Show hidden folder has no effect) and i could not use CD in cmd to open it as it has no name. Is there anyway i can open the directory and access its content. I am using windows 7.

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It is indeed possible to give a folder no name.

in CMD:

mkdir "\\?\C:\temp\ "

if you have something like this just write DIR and hit the tabulator. This steps through each folder. Do this until your nameless folder is displayed like

dir "C:\temp\ "

you can't directly CD into it, but you can display the contents. After this you can copy each folder and file out of it.

copy "C:\temp\ \filename.txt" C:\temp

if this does not work try it with

copy "\\?\C:\temp\ \filename.txt" C:\temp
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As far as I know, it's impossible to create a nameless folder. In your case, it seems the folder was named after some sort of whitespace or non-printable character. In that case, you can try going to the directory above it, and running

 dir /x

to list the directory contents to find its name (the /x flag will display its "short name" -- the filename that MS-DOS would see it as -- alongside its actual name). Then you can run rename to call it whatever you want -- just avoid those pesky invisible characters when you do ;]

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