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I have one very small server (linux), used just as a video platform for my tablets (android and ipads). As I am usually closer with my tablet to the server itself, than to the Network Access Point, I thought about connecting directly to the server using the STA + AP mode option:

(Network AP) <----- 802.11 -----> (STA Mode) Server (AP Mode) <-- 802.11 --> iPad

instead of:

Server (STA Mode) <--- 802.11 ---> (Network AP) <--- 802.11 ---> iPad

To do it transparently, I thought as well as calling both networks the same, and using the same password/security, so the ipad roams between the 2 AP and connects to whoever provides the stronger signal.

I also thought of whitelisting only the MAC address of the iPad (tablets) so my notebook/phones do never connect to the server directly, and just go straight to the Network AP.

What do you think about this approach? will it work? Do you have experience with it or you know a better way on doing this?

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