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At first, I've downloaded ffmpeg 0.6.5. and it works. But when I'm trying to use '-vf' option, Terminal said there's no such command.

So I asked this on Super User and someone said that the cause is my ffmpeg version being too old.

So here's what I want to do: upgrade my ffmpeg 0.6.5 to 1.2. Below is what I've tried.

  1. Download and install yasm and ffmpeg-1.2
  2. Execute ./configure in my folder where ffmpeg has downloaded.
  3. Execute make command.
  4. Execute make install command.

There's no error while I proceed, but when I enter the command ffmpeg -version it still shows 0.6.5. What can I do?

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This was a path problem. Originally ffmpeg is installed in the directory where the gz file(or bz2) is.

So if you do ./configuremakemake install, it works, but only in that directory (for this case it was /home/username/Downloads/ffmpeg-1.2).

If you want to use the ffmpeg command anywhere, you give some options to the ./configure command, like .configure --prefix=/usr.

So, that's the way I worked it out.

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