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Scenario: I've been using XAMPP for my LAMP setup on Windows 8 64bit and need to downgrade to PHP 5.3.5 for a new project, (current version is 5.4.7). Unfortunately, XAMPP did away with the php-switch.bat that allowed switching between multiple PHP versions.

Many in this situation have suggested using WAMP since there is an addon that enables multiple versions, but it looks like the only 5.3.x versions available are 5.3.0 and 5.3.1, so then I thought about running a legacy version of XAMPP in a Virtual Machine (VirtualBox).

Solution 1: Is it possible to use the web root of an XAMPP installation (c:\xampp\htdocs) on my development server in correlation with an installation of XAMPP running in Virtual Box on the same machine?

Solution 2: Or, if I were to manually set up a LAMP configuration in Windows, is there a moderately simple method of switching between PHP versions?

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