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I'm trying to prepare an interactive video that plays during a concert, showing the lines of the songs we're singing in a nice graphical way. I'm looking for text in my font and color of choice, moving while fading in and briefly flashing out in a broken neon effect, or just moving in different directions like the japanese and english words almost at the beginning of this video (for lack of a better one).

The problem is I need to use it at a live performance and the players could easily go out of sync with a video. I'd like to know which free softwares can display such things while allowing keyboard inputs to advance to the next lyrics animation.

I've tried using a single Powerpoint slide with a video background and several texts animated over it but it's too clunky. Text stops being animated too early and the possible transitions are too limited. I guess Flash could be a solution but I'm hoping fore something easier to grasp and/or more dedicated.

How would I do this?

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