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I have used robocopy and a script to copy files from various resources. I now want to have my script automatically burn the files I copied to a cd. I'm looking for a command. I have tried xcopy but I keep getting an invalid drive error when trying to copy to the cd burner drive. I'm thinking I should be able to do this with a command or two, instead of having the script open up windows explorer, change to the folder, etc.

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Well, the Windows 2003 Resource Kit had two CLI programs to burn ISO images. I once saw a program using these in order to burn a folder, but afaik it did not work with files.

A good program designed for burning via command line is CreateCD.

This should do the trick, and probably is easier than getting cdrdao or cdrtools to work. Although they also have a good reputation ;-).

Additionally, popular burning freeware like CDBurnerXP, ImgBurn support burning from a command line.

I also use ImgBurn.

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