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I am trying to devise a one-liner to send text to a simple echo server - but multiple connections in parallel. This is what I'm trying:

echo -e  A,B,C,D | xargs -d, -i -P 4 echo {} |  nc localhost 7000

However, it doesn't quite work. The server receives four connections but no data ("null").

What is the correct xargs and netcat command here?

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The answer is to use sh -c to launch xargs:

echo 'A,B,C,D' | xargs -d, -i -P 4 sh -c 'echo "{}" | nc localhost 7000'


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Use echo -n or you will get 5 connections instead four, one of them with no data. If in the server this is not checked, maybe it is causing your problem.

echo -n A,B,C,D | xargs -d, -I{} -P 4 -n 1 echo {} | nc localhost 7000

Moreover, using a netcat as listening server, it appears to work right:

zhen@sydow:~$ nc -l 7000

And also it seems to be parallel, I see out-of-order echo.

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You don't need to repeat the echo, it is the default action of xargs. This one-liner serves as a quick self-contained test, but you can remove the test listener set up before the &

nc -l 7001 & echo  A B C D | xargs -P4 -n1 | nc localhost 7001


amit@deimos:~$ nc -l 7001 & echo A B C D | xargs -P4 -n1 | nc localhost 7001
[6] 7115
[6]   Done                    nc -l 7001
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