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I'm considering flashing the firmware on my router to DD-WRT this weekend. I tried to find my router (Medialink - MWN-WAPR150N) in their router database with no luck.

I'm wondering what key things I should look for to determine compatibility.

Is it safe to assume that a router as popular as this works with DD-WRT? Since it has 4,800+ reviews I'm tempted to say it is but are there a few key things I should look for to determine compatibility?

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Only routers in their database that they officially support will work properly and should be flashed (you can easily brick your router otherwise). Other models, no matter how popular they might be, simply aren't recommended unless someone works on DD-WRT to ensure compatibility with them. – Karan Apr 19 '13 at 15:32
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Looks like there isn't a lot of internal memory and may not have a supported chipset.

These devices have special builds only for using on the respective unit. There exists NO other builds than those in the specific folder for the unit.

dd-wrt targets routers they can support based on chipset and flash memory rather than popularity of the router.

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Here's a guide for device detection: – Webnet Apr 19 '13 at 17:44

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